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 As a young girl from Texas town that had a population of 700 people, Cynthia Sinatra became enthralled with the universe outside this insular world.  She became dedicated to exploring the world around her when at 11 years old she built a rocket for her science fair project that won her the NASA award and a week living and studying with the astronauts.  That was in 1963.  Even today her colleagues in her legal community call her "the pilgrim."  The pilgrimage began with science, theater and on to finally becoming a leading international criminal attorney.  She read in 1994 that a new infant court was being created, a legal forum that was to create an international body of criminal law blending all of the concepts of law throughout the globe.  She traveled to The Hague unknowing that she would become the first American attorney to represent those accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the first international war crimes tribunal in history.  The previous war crimes were military tribunals.  This was unprecedented.  The pilgrim seeks the greatest legal adventure of creating something fresh and full of hope for the world.  In the past, she has handled trials and appeals from the State of Texas through the Federal Fifth Circuit and for the last twelve years before the International Criminal Court for the Former Yugoslavia seated in The Hague.  She was defense counsel in the first multi-defendant war crimes trial since the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials, the Celebici Trial and the Srebrenica Trial.  In these trials, genocide was defined and the act of rape became a war crime.  Sinatra has been well published in the Texas bar journals, The Nottingham Trent Law School Journal, The International Criminal Law Review and in multiple published defense documents.  Sinatra caught the attention of The Wall Street Journal in 1999, and was featured in the first 'behind-the-scenes peek' into the life of war crimes trial attorneys (all female defense team) during trial in the feature article, Her Way.  In August of 2003, Sinatra and her legal colleagues in the world court in The Hague, The Netherlands founded Justicia International, an organization designed as an international consultancy firm and International Criminal Law Firm.  The purpose of the organization is to advise governments, international corporations and interior advisory bodies on anti-terror legislation and anti-corruption prevention.  Sinatra's expertise has been applied while she has frequently been a legal commentator on Court TV and various legal talk shows.


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